The Road Not Taken

In the yellow woods,

two roads diverge.

One well trotted,

the other untried.


Long have some stood,

trying to decide between.

Some took one,

some took the other.


Each laid equally as fair,

leading their own way into the distance.

I shall be telling this with a sigh,

that we regret our road not taken.



Short Stories

Space Oddity

These stars remind me of a home I left a long time ago. As we float through out these celestial bodies I can’t help reminisce about the before times. Times before the end of life as we knew it and the beginning of something new. Before we had to leave.

Earth. A story that began billions of years ago and that only recently closed its final chapter. A whole lifespan of almost infinite amount of creatures dwelling Earth’s surface. From lizards to apes to birds, they and so many more all lived in what seemed to be perfect harmony. Little by little the planet became more and more fragile as humans lived upon its surface. Humans that lived in excess and didn’t realize the impact that they would have on future generations or didn’t care. The needs of the people got eclipsed by the wants of the people as factories, shops and roads were erected everywhere. At first this meant less beautiful scenery as forests became parking lots, beaches became storefronts and flowers were plucked to make room for roads. As the needs and wants of people grew and grew, nature diminished and diminished. Without that plant life things slowly became worse and worse as the planet gradually became hotter and hotter. The icecaps began to melt and water levels began to rise and rise. By the time we realized it was too late, we were in dire need of escape before we were engulfed by Earth. Instead of staying to try fix the problem, we solved the issue by leaving altogether. Leaving Earth on search for a new place to settle and live, a new place to create and build what we never thought to be possible, a new place to call home.

For now I look out of my window at the stars for my own hope. Hope that one day we will find a new place to call home. For now I look out of my window at the stars for my own inspiration. Inspiration that will lead me to an overall better day and an overall better future. I look to the stars to remember Earth, my first home.



Never Stood A Chance

Through the hills and valleys.

I never stood a chance.

Through despair and agony.

I never stood a chance.


The hardships I faced.

The battles I charged.

The mercy I was shown.

The charity I showed.

All for naught.


In the coldest winter days,

I remained hopeful of warmth.

In the hottest summer days,

I remained hopeful of coldness.

I remained hopeful in doubt.


“I never stood a chance did I?”


“That’s the sad part – you did once.”

From the hills and the valleys

You journeyed.

From the despair and agony

You journeyed.

The chances you took and spared.


The hardships you faced.

The battles you charged.

The mercy you were shown.

The charity you showed.

All for the next chance to do it again.


In the coldest winter days,

I remained hopeful of you.

In the hottest summer days,

I remained hopeful of you.

I remained hopeful in doubt.


Now from doubt you come.

Doubt of if this was all worth it,

Doubt that you have the strength to continue,

Doubt that tomorrow will come.