Update/Story Post

Before I begin my weekly story, I feel like these past couple of stories I’ve posted are too niche. Things that ring true only for me, for the next few and stories on I’ll try to make them more like axioms. Things that ring true for everyone, not just a single person’s perspective. If you enjoy the content/ want a certain type of story back and want to reach out to me. Feel free to reach out to my by using the contact me page!

Now onto the story.

How to Not Give a F***

Recently I bought a book called “The Subtle Art of Not Giving a Fuck” by Mark Manson. The idea of the book is simple, if you can’t control it why worry about it. But I think this book represents more than the words and letters on the page. This book is an perfect epitome for the fatal flaw of someone learning not to give a damn. You care so much about not wanting to care so much in your life that you have to pay Mark Manson 12$ (plus tax) to tell you what you already know “life is hard, you can’t control everything”.

The current social construct is designed in such a way that caring too much is the new fad. Everywhere you look there is advertisements shoved in your face practically saying “If you cared a little more and bought our product, your life will be like this”. These advertisements appear on billboards, websites, TV stations and the radio. Unless you live completely void of all technology and close your eyes as you drive, you can’t get away from this. Everywhere you look whether you know it or not, the message is subliminally being ingrained into your head “BE BETTER”.

Work harder, make more money, work out more, go on more vacations, buy more products, be more cultured, have a better home, just be better than you currently are. It is enough to make your head spin in a whirlwind of thought of what your life could be if you literally never took a break. Even social media is programming you like this. Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Snap Chat, YouTube. Every little you ingest, the more you realize more and more that your life is inadequate compared to everyone else. “Woah, so and so are on a vacation to blah, blah, blah. I wish I could be on vacation to blah, blah, blah.” People may not mean to fuel this but what ends up happening is you will see all the positives of everyone lives and feel the need to compare it to your own. This constant wave after wave of what you feel to be inadequacies, if you don’t realize you are being fed the best of everyone’s life, will bring you down and make you feel as if your out.

But every once in a while, even if it means realizing you spent 12$ on a book just to realize things that you already know, it is good to be told that it is okay to fail and that everyone does. That you can’t control everything, you can’t stop the world and that the only way to live is going with the punches. I spent 12$ on learning how not to give a fuck but I would spend it again just for the reminder that sometimes life gets hard. But when the hard gets going, the best get fighting. Thanks Mark Manson!