Ildsjel –

1. A fire soul.

A fire burns,
A fire burns so bright.
A warm color of red and orange.

Where there is darkness,
the fire illuminates.
Where there is fear,
the fire leads.
Where there is unrest,
the fire calms.

A fire burns,
inside of you.
A fire burns,
inside of me.

Days come when the fire,
may be put to ash and smut.

And the darkness,
And the fear,
And the unrest,

We can watch,
as glows and embers pass by.
We can hope,
as torch bearers draw near.
We can rest,
as familiar faces are lit up in the dark.

Afraid to move into the darkness,
lost and confused as Kurtz on the sea.
Waiting for the day for our fires,
to be set aflame again by those who bear torches.

Those who bear torches,
that travel in the dark to find:
those who are lost,
those who are hopeless,
those who are in turmoil.

Those who bear torches,
who will keep their eyes open,
who do not lose hope,
who believe in others,
An ildsjel.