Short Stories

The Book of Life

Have you ever felt that you were living inside of a book? A book that has its tragedies, has its comedic moments, has its romantic zest. Every moment is yet another swipe of a pen in the long term story of the world. Every event is just another point in the plot diagram of where your story is taking you. 

Every choice didn’t matter because it is what the plot planned from the beginning. If this was the case think to yourself who would be the main character in the book of life. Would it be the most wealthy guy in the world on his yacht thinking about the days of his youth? Would it be a homeless man lying on a park bench facing the stars dreaming of how he is going change the world? Is it you reading this story and realizing that you are just as important to this story as everyone else involved in it?

That is the beauty of the book of life. Everyone has say of where we go next in the story. From the day you were born, you had a pencil. While you were a baby you had no ideas of the intricacies of this pen you were endowed. But you grew into this pen as you hurt and felt hurt. With the hurt came the knowledge that people can effect your story even without meaning to. With the hurting came the knowledge that you can effect others stories without meaning to. This pencil is your tool, this pencil is your sword, this pencil is your shield.

With every pencil there is always two sides. The side for writing beautiful dreams and stories that fill your heart with rhythm and music that sometimes only you can feel. The other side for feeling pain, regret and remorse for what is on page that you use to quickly erase the page. You can dream out the best words to fill the story of your life but if you don’t have the strength to stand to those words and quickly erase them. You will never live up to the words that lay before you because those words simply do not lay before you. Other people can also erase your words if the words before you intersects  with where they want to go. But remember even at intersections of plots there is no need to fear, we can go on with our story together.

If you wouldn’t mind I would like to write something in your story:

In this moment was when a writer came into your life and gave you some advice. Advice that many may know but even so he wanted to share it anyways.

He wanted to share:

“You have a pen. You have a story. The only thing that is missing is the writing. The writing is what you have to do, no one will do it for you. They can give you inspiration as  what to write about whether that inspiration comes in the form of companionship, friendship or love. Just let the ink flow on the page as you follow every dream and every passion with a fury of lowercase letters, uppercase letters and punctuation.”

He paused for a second while writing to find the next best words to fit. With a burst of inspiration he found them:

“You can do anything in your writing but remember that you only have so much ink to write until your inkwell runs dry and once that inkwell dries up your story is finished.  So until then write, write and write about the bad times, about the good times for they’ll be few and they’ll be many. Because the best stories are those filled with adversity.”