Short Stories


After the dust had settled, people began to rebuild. Rebuild what came before and what was to come after. The past wasn’t left to decay and stagnate where it was but instead was brought forward to future generations in words of warning of what not to become.

After the loss of human interference above ground and the near hibernation of humans underground. Nature too began rebuild, rebuild in ways that centuries of human’s haven’t seen before. There was growing of trees and budding of roses where once laid dust and sand. In the concrete came first the weeds, then the weeds gave way to grass and fields of dandelions.

After the factories stopped, the sea waters calmed and cleared. Animals who which many thought were extinct that laid dormant at the bottom of the ocean’s were able to return their normal stations. The fish returning to the rivers and lakes were able to be eaten again by the omnivores that were starving in the years following the end. For the animals at least, life seemed to normalize as people were buried beneath Earth’s rotten crust.

When people returned to the surface and rebuilding went well (as it eventually does). People had a newly gained respect for the sensitive balance that must be maintained on Earth in order to survive. People worked together to create preventive methods of their waters getting polluted. People worked on harnessing alternative energies than the one’s polluting their air. People worked together on finding ways to have more reusable materials in their everyday life.

In one of the more motivational speeches after the apocalypse by one of the more notable politicians to survive through the end of the world, they said the following:

“We cannot make the same mistakes over and over again. We must stand as one and think of problem’s before they occur instead of waiting for the problems to be on the future generation’s shoulders. The second time will be the last time.”

The second time was not the last time.



Life is uncertain

Time come and goes,
where no one knows.
It goes as surely as wind blows,
and rivers flow.

We can grasp tightly,
Or we can just let go.
The day will always end nightly,
as the moon sets real low.

Uncertainty is the name of game,
so don’t try to make your life tame.
Because as the end of the day it’ll drive you insane,
so don’t try to stick within your lane.

Love your life,
even through hardship and strife.
As you don’t get another one,
so honor your own and respect other’s one