Short Stories

The Night Traveler

The night was growing old and he still couldn’t find anywhere to sleep. He walks down the street which was void of life and activity. No one in either direction of the street. All he has is the fear of being caught to keep him alive. But finally the man found a small inn that he has never seen in his life in this small town. He strolls into the inn and the only noise to be heard is the small roar of a fire. But suddenly he heard soft footsteps coming toward him. The footsteps were slow and steady. Frozen in fear the man stood in the main room waiting for the specter. Now the footsteps sound to be behind the counter and inside the door. The door squeaks slowly and a part a man’s silhouette which glowed red from the flame of the fire, slowly took form on the floor in front of him. Finally the door is open and a man in a deep dark suit that looks like it had been overused in many funeral takes a step behind the counter. The man in the suit slowly smiles and stares into the eyes of the man looking for a room.

“Hello my name is Abaddon Mastema but you can call me Lou.” The man in the dark suit tells the man in the main lobby. The man stumbles and looks at the man and feels like he has seen him before. But eventually he pushes back his fear and talks.

“My name is Vivian, do you think I can get a room?” The man asks Lou while still trying to find out where he saw him at.

“Yes, I have many rooms for people that are like you and gone through your travels.” Lou tells the Vivian as he pulls out a clock and starts winding it backwards. The sight of him doing so made Vivian cringe and shiver but he didn’t know why.

“Can I have a room that’s ground floor?” Vivian asks Lou as he sets down the clock. After a few seconds a siren of an ambulance goes by in the distance. Then rain starts coming down rapidly on the building.

“Bad night to be traveling. The only room I have open tonight is room number 6. Also by the way the alarm clocks don’t work properly so many people don’t wake up.” Lou says as a sinister smile goes across his face. Vivian is stuck at a crossroad stay here with the creepy man or leave. But Vivian feels as if his only chance to hide away from what he had done is to stay here until he can make his escape.

“Ok I’ll take room number 6. Do you think you could wake me up in the morning?” Vivian says to Lou as passing him the money for the room.

“I’m going to be pretty busy tomorrow so I don’t think I can wake you.” Lou says as pulling out a black book and a red pen.

“Do you think you can sign this book because I like to remember the people who stay here.” Lou says to Vivian as reaching out to give him the red pen. Vivian takes the pen and starts writing his name. The ink of pen looks like blood scrawled across the page. Many names were on the page but the name above his was Reginald Griffin. Now Vivian walks towards his room but as he walks he hears the book slam closed and the subtle laughter of Lou grow loud and then fade away off into the distance. So, Vivian stops and looks back towards the desk and Lou seems to have vanished and the only thing left was the clock set to a minute to midnight. At this point, Vivian’s body grew completely numb and he feels as if he’s not in control any more. He opens the door and as soon as he turns around to close it the door closes for him and sees a giant grandfather clock in the corner of his room. The grandfather clock strikes midnight and Vivian is in bed then darkness consumes the room like a black veil. Vivian’s eyes slowly close like they are being forced down by an cold hand that feels inevitable. The last noise he hears is a police siren in the distance being overshadowed by the sound of the downpour of rain. Vivian fades to black and ends the worst night of his life and he knows the worst is still coming, his eyes shut and sleep overcomes his fear of tomorrow.

But, finally Vivian wakes up from his slumber and feels an intense heat overwhelming his body. Vivian feels as if he is not in the same place he fell asleep at even though the room is exactly the same as the one he slept in the night before. Something about the room felt different to Vivian and that is when he heard a knock at his door.