A Parallel Universe

In a parallel universe,

everything is perfect.

No pain, no suffering,

no hurt, no hungering.

In a parallel universe,

everyone loves one another.

No rage, no fighting,

no pride, no disagreeing.

In a parallel universe is:

A curse where we do not grow,

A curse where we do not develop.

In our universe,

we are imperfect.

We have pain, we have suffering.

We have hurt, we have hungering.

In our universe,

everyone does not get along.

We have rage, we have fighting.

We have pride, we have disagreeing.

This universe,

we take for granted.

We might suffer and hurt,

to at some point to heal and be healed.

We might fight one another,

to at some point to forgive and be forgiven.

We don’t live in a parallel universe,

we share this one.