Life is uncertain

Time come and goes,
where no one knows.
It goes as surely as wind blows,
and rivers flow.

We can grasp tightly,
Or we can just let go.
The day will always end nightly,
as the moon sets real low.

Uncertainty is the name of game,
so don’t try to make your life tame.
Because as the end of the day it’ll drive you insane,
so don’t try to stick within your lane.

Love your life,
even through hardship and strife.
As you don’t get another one,
so honor your own and respect other’s one

I Love You

I don’t know who you are,

but I love you.

I know it is bizarre,

but I hope you love me too.

Why is it so taboo

to say I love you?

I love you, you and you.

I don’t care of your culture,

race or religion,

I love you all the same.

I love the way you are so similar to me

but different in all the right ways.

I love the way you disagree with me

but still let my words phase your heart.

I love you in all of the inexplicable ways,

for all of the rest of my inexplicable days.

I hope you love me too,

I hope you love you too.