Short Stories


Some questions in life are not supposed to be answered. Some questions in life have no answers. Some questions in life have an infinite amount of answers.

Every which way you look, life is full of questions of what, when, why and how. On the search to find the answers: we find more questions. Questions are the way of life and how we keep it new like a baby learning how to walk for the first time, when we ask if we could and we can, it springs us forward into a new question like can we run, jump or even skip! An endless array of possibilities from facing the simplest of questions. An endless array of lessons from the simplest of questions.

When we stop asking questions is when life becomes monotonous and even miserable as we get swept under of the wave of unchanging work, unchanging schedule and a unchanging life. When we stop asking questions is when life stops progressing in ways of science and thought. No new achievement has ever been done without asking if it was possible or if it could be done.

Question everything to not regret asking nothing.