To The Humans:

The odds of being alive, in this moment right now

Are slim to none, and I wonder how

We allow vitrole to grow in our hearts

To divide us as people into parts

By race, by religion, by gender

To allow these divisions grow, like a fire with tinder,

Into protests, fights and wars between two of the same

Instead of coming together as one, under one name

I say this to the Humans:

Instead of protesting are divisions, come to protest are decisions

Decisions that will come back to affect our fellow generations

Instead of fighting other, learn to love one another

Love one another, like a sister loves a brother

Instead of waging wars, find your enemy and look at the stars

Look at the stars, realize to the universe we are just memoirs

Memoirs that our children will read, that will be full of despise and hate

Now is the time to ask why, rather than let this time go by

Come together as one before it’s too late

If we are one as a people:

Tyranny would never stand a chance

Hate would become a nonsensical stance

Fighting would become a unpoetical dance

So I say this to the Humans:

What are we if we don’t have humanity?

Would we lose everything we have to this intense insanity?

We have the same internals, to let externals divide us.

It’s time to fight, not by words of hate, not by actions of revolt

But instead by actions of charity across all land and words of support for all.